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Why does December always seem to come so quickly? It is not supposed to do that! However, it does, and I tend to give into the spirit of the Holidays and “shopping”. I love to shop, and it is exciting to look and touch so many different textiles, styles and colors.

Recently one of my friends had a baby girl. It was a gift that the parents had been waiting for 6 years. Although for many years she had numerous failed pregnancies, she still believed one day Putu would come to her. Putu, the Hindu name given to the first-born girl, was born 4 months ago, and I feel like she is my baby too!

Normally, when I travel to Indonesia, I try to fill my luggage with kids clothing for the wonderful children of my batikers and sewers. When Putu was born did I go shopping! It was so much fun browsing kid’s departments. I will confess I am partial to pink. (Putu’s mother is too.) I bought little pink tops, pink baby doll like dresses, and pink socks. I think I bought all the pink infant clothes throughout the Eastern Coast!

What I discovered from my baby madness spree was infant clothing is pretty basic and classic. I spent hours looking through not so great baby clothes (and there is a lot out there.) What made certain clothes more distinctive than others was the quality of the fabric, thoughtful detailing, color and design. Then it came to me; that’s what I strive to do. This is how I make my choices as I go about the world. I want really attractive and well designed things around me, and I want to have choices. Don’t you just feel fantastic when someone says, “You look great!” It means you bought well, you made the right choice, and you are attractive!

I had no idea how great Putu would look in her new pink dress and pink socks. Her mother hugged me and said, “luar biasa” which in English translates to – extraordinary. I changed her world for a tiny moment, and it felt fantastic! I hope my fashions can do the same for you.

There are many infants and small children in Bali, Indonesia who need just a few clothes. If you have any warm weather clothing you can donate to my luggage, I will be back in January. I will tell them you passed the gift forward! Just email me at: stephen@generousfashions.com for my mailing address.


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