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Hooray! Let’s Chat!

Something New! And it’s fun! Our new chat button! This month we just installed a LIVE chat box so now you can talk to us online instantly. Our Online Chat is located at the top upper left hand corner. When you click on the box it sends a message to me directly or one of my fashion coordinators. It’s fast, free and flexible (hours). Even if you do not have a question just drop us a note and say “Hi”. (If we are not online you can just leave me a message and I will reply within 6-10 hours.)

After months of trying to get GF ranked on Goggle, Yahoo and MSN we are now appearing on page 2 and 4. It’s making a HUGE difference in our sales department. GF has orders from Spain, Canada, Australia, Italy and of course USA. It’s very exciting to be selling Globally.

Our New Collection Forgiving Fern
Our new Collection offers several fashions for women who need more room at the hip and less on top. The Forgiving Fern is a good choice. The trick here is to remove unwanted fabric at the chest and waist and add it to the hips. The result is good looking. Try our fit! We offer free shipping to compensate you for your time and efforts to shop online.

Our discount coupon this month is: hooray. When checking out you will receive a 20% off all purchases and our continuous free shipping. A pretty good savings! (Coupon is good from now till March 31.)

Next month we will be shipping our new Collections catalog. Let us know what you think.

See you online,

Our New Collection
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I hope this update has been useful.
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