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Change, Cooler Colors and Carol’s Apple Pie

Being raised in the country in New York State, the month of November has always represented for me a “time of change”. I remember a weekend visit home from college when we would celebrate my mom’s birthday (of course she was always 40). We would share a big Thanksgiving feast (16 people at the table and at least 4 pumpkin and 3 apple pies.), cooler weather and the change in nature’s color.

I have always been fascinated with color. For me, Autumn has some of the most beautiful color combinations and names – pomegranate red/pumpkin orange, auburn brown/raw sienna, grey umber/beige – these are just a few of my eye catching Fall color combinations.

  • The Silk Elegance jacket in brown incorporates many of these cool weather colors – brown, burnt umber and gold.
  • Another warm color combination is The Mixed Bouquet duster in red, burgundy and purple. The Mixed Bouquet duster is hand batik on rayon.
  • My favorite design, fabric and color combination in this season’s Collection is The Cotton Crop Top. The top is made of auburn and black cotton threads, which have been woven together. This technique gives depth and interest to the fabric. The Cotton Crop Top is 31” long.
And guess who is modeling The Cotton Crop Top? My wonderful sister Carol who approves of me telling you she is a 1x (size 20). (She was actually the fit model for this top when I was making the samples.) Carol is an amazing woman. While taking care of 3 girls full time and running a B&B and motel, she still finds the time to bake my mom’s apple and pumpkin pie recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. She knows the secret.

By now, some of you may have gotten to know my sister Carol. She is the model in the current Collections catalog. This is her first time modeling for Generous Fashions, and she looks beautiful. Recently, I asked her for a favor. I said, “Carol, can you share mom’s apple pie recipe?” She was flattered and nodded “sure thing”.

So if any of you would like Mom’s Apple Pie recipe just email me at: stephen@generousfashions.com. It is my philosophy that sharing knowledge is what life is all about. Now you can have a piece of the pie too!


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