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Plus Size Clothing, Plus Size Women's Cloth
Quality, Color and Fit: The Secret

Living life large has its challenges. I know. I love my sister; she is of generous proportions. Generous Fashions’ new collection is all about looking and feeling so good you get compliments. You are no longer invisible.

This fall I am sending you out into the workplace, the neighborhood and the social scene with 18 new fabrics and 4 new styles. I listened. The basic collar shirt now comes in a 36” tunic length. The single buttondown cover-up jacket comes in both 11% wool or lightweight acrylic knits.

My color palate was pried out of the Earth. As an Art History major in college, I was inspired by the rich colors developed in the 16th century. The luminary painters handworked pure pigment powders dug from the ground into a medium of oils. I particularly love the variations of raw sienna and burnt umber when placed alongside somber reds. Sienna on the Horizon is a 36” collar shirt (my first striped batik). It’s my secret mental postcard to you. As you put this on, think of waking up in Florence. Imagine catching the dawn as it is still mixed with night.

Since I have definite ideas of what looks good on a larger woman, I always produce my own fabrics. I insist on quality fabric, sophisticated color combinations, artistic detailing and comfort. This is my secret to supporting you in becoming visible, feeling positive and attracting what is your natural right: compliments. “Wow! You look sensational today.” Now you are part of The Secret, too!

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Special one time opportunity to make lemonade out of a lemon and save.
We are moving our storage facility. The new warehouse cannot hold our existing stock! I’m feeling as squeezed as a lemon. Voila. GenerousFashions.com will offer remarkable savings from now till Sept. 10th. Click on Plus Size Clothing Sale. Each week it changes as I feel the pressure. Is it time to toss some of your “invisible” outfits and step out with a better fitting, more appealing look? And how about telling a friend.

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Our New Collection

Sienna on the Horizon

Secretly Chic
Clockwise Spiral
Soft Autumn Knit
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