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Plus Size Clothing, Plus Size Women's Cloth

Thinking Big: Dignity, Beauty and Self-Confidence

Making clothes has got to be one of the most exciting avenues for my creativity. I am so into it! I love the whole process from dreaming up colors, making batik stamps, sketching outfits, dying fabrics, cutting and sewing, and even the folding and packaging. It is so rewarding to follow an idea from the sketchpad to the shipping box.

The next step is making the garment come alive. After weeks of samples, to finally see a model in the finished garment is exhilarating. At this point “all the parts” have come together like a canvas, and my total vision for just one fashion becomes reality. I get that tingling feeling you get when you have experienced something great.

But in fact, the real pleasure in designing plus size clothing is “you”. I feel electric inside when orders come in for my new Collections. I say to myself, “I got it right!” and “I made someone happy”. It’s an emotional journey for me knowing that I created a garment that brings to it dignity, beauty and self-confidence. And I want to keep feeling that in all the Collections I produce. I want you to have what you deserve: great clothing!

To celebrate "You" I am enclosing a 15% coupon that is good from now till August 15th. The discount redemption code name is augustsale” enter that during checkout and you will receive 15% off all your selections plus our continuous free shipping on $125 or more.

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