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Thinking Big: Taking Care of Your Dreams!

Dear GF friends,

In the 17 years of doing retail business I have never received such a compliment that meant so much to me. Again it reconfirms to me to find your dream and make it happen. It’s the passion that will keep you alive and make you prosperous .............

We hope you will be inspired by Ellen’s Story.

Dream On!

Ellen’s Email: After Reading “Our Story

Subject: Your Amazing Designs

Dear Stephen,

I found your site as I was shopping for a dear friend. I was curious to know what else you had, and I've whiled away the better part of an hour looking at your past and present designs. I wish I could properly tell you how amazed I am.

I almost never take the time to read background information on websites, but I was really enchanted by your story. Like you I've sketched, and played with design and costuming, though not at anything like your level professionally. I loved working with all sizes and types of bodies and finding what sorts of fabrics and "flow" worked with their characters. I've been lucky to get to work with a local dance company, which is about 40% disabled. Watching a garment transform a person is incredibly rewarding. I only wish I'd had your talent and ability. I love that you've brought your dreams forward to share with women who are so seldom taken seriously by the clothing industry.

I can't tell you how much I admire what you've accomplished.

Stephen, I wish your family had understood and nurtured your talent those years back. It's hard and it's hurtful to not have support from those we care about. My partner and I have adopted a boy who had some extreme difficulties fitting into the "Central-Valley-Farm-Family-Folk" agenda of his foster homes, most of whom took issue with his lack of enthusiasm for hunting, football and competitive contact sports. The first Halloween he spent with us he very much wanted to be a cheerleader, which our social worker and lawyer thought would destroy our chances of finalizing his adoption. We treated him to a music camp, as a sort of consolation and, go figure; he's found an incredible talent and love for classical music. The following Halloween, in 5th grade, he was a gorgeous cheerleader and gave an amazing piano recital from a Grieg Concerto. He's been many creative characters since and deepened his love for pretty much any music that was written 100 years ago or more. But I'll never -- EVER -- forget the look on his face, and the pain of trying to explain that we sometimes have to take care of our dreams even when others don't understand or get behind them. Good for you for keeping your talent alive letting it grow and bring joy to so many.

Thank you again for your beautiful work.

Best to you,

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