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Channel Me vs Trends: Which One is Present?

First I want to say Happy New Year! I am looking forward to a fresh start, new dreams and relocating my home from the North to the South. I don’t have a plan. I am listening to my internal voice – called “My Instincts”. I guess most people follow a plan because it is safe. I don’t tend to follow the leader because it never works out for me. When I do, I usually regret it. I follow what makes me feel good or appears sensible. Sometimes I have to ask Everyone what they think.

I am testing myself (Could I really be right?) rather than trusting or owning it. (Gosh, you would think after 50 years I would get it!) This is the year I am going to be at peace with my internal YES. I am going to follow Me and not what is popular. The reality show is now switched to Channel ME.

Fashion is all about following trends. Who are these people making up those color charts and tops for women? And were they thinking beyond a size 16? The industry wants fashion houses to produce the same story – follow this. But really. That stuff is for what I call “Runway Girls”. Fine. But as a plus size fashion designer I am not interested. Its not real. But … when you focus on presentation and avoid trends then “Channel Me” becomes the true reality show. And everyone will tune in. “That’s a beautiful outfit. I like how you put it all together. ”

As the designer for Generous Fashions , I recommend enhancing your presentation. One way this can be achieved is to create a length line. Choose tops and the bottoms that make a story. Don’t disconnect your look by cutting off your presentation at the waist. Start by wearing a color shell and layering it with a black top and black pant/skirt. Make sure that your foundation garments fit right. Did you know 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra (90% of the support is from the bra band and 10% is from the bra strap.). Your appearance immediately changes when you choose quality fabrics, classic designs and sophisticated color combinations.

If you are uncertain or like me who needs a second voice to get that “inner-Yes-out”; I want you to Call Me! I love what I am doing and I am good at it. My direct email address is: stephen@generousfashions.com

Everyday is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.

See you online!

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