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Designing Dresses: Fitting the Pieces into the Puzzle

Dresses are challenging for both the designer and the buyer. Coming up with a design that can accommodate several different body shapes can be like a puzzle board game. Finding the board piece to the puzzle is the same as finding your fit! (However, I added some features to make it easier!)

I. Hidden Feature: With the dress called Class Act, I incorporated hidden elastic under the arm hole for more stretch when you need it. The shoulder bands are tapered to cover your bra straps and still make you look elegant.

II. Special Feature: If you have a defined waistline there is the Off-the-Shoulder Smock Dress. It has elastic at the waist and sleeves. So if you are in between sizes this is a good choice

III. Favorite Feature: My personal favorite is the Double Layer Pull-Over Dress. Again, using black crinkle rayon, I created an “I hate my arm muscle” sleeve. The sleeve is shaped like a fan or trumpet creating a roomy space to cover up an arm muscle that has been taken over by gravity. It is perfect for undefined waistlines.

There are more choices when you search the category “Plus Size Dresses”. I think its great to find a new dress that is cool, comfortable and gets compliments! I hope you have time to check out my new Dresses.

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Class Act
Double Layer
Pull-Over Dress
On-or-off Shoulder Smock Dress
Black Dress
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