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Thinking Big: Behind the Lens

Generous Fashions is rocking and rolling this season! We just completed our first photo shoot with a professional model which was REALLY exciting! I gathered a team of international artisans to Bali, Indonesia (an island above Australia).

Our hair designer and make-up artist Akiek, from Java (an island west of Bali), has worked all over Southern Asia. Akiek worked his magic for over 8 hours. Our stylist Alicia, an American, has lived in this paradise for over 20 years. She put together all the accessories for our shoot. When we needed a white shoe, she strung pearls on the model’s brown sandals.

My faithful photographer Raymond never complained once while we picked, fussed and adjusted the model during his shoot.

Then there is Monica! I love her! We just hit if off and spent a day shopping for shoes, belts and shawls. We had another day getting a pedicure, manicure and creating hairstyles. When she felt the energy slowing down she would just start dancing in front of the camera or wave to the hair designer to come and create another “big” hair.

Everyone met for the first time the day of the photo shoot. The minute Monica stepped into the light, we new this was going to be exciting. We were doing something really revolutionary for plus size women globally. I have never worked with so many talented people focusing on the same aesthetic. The energy was amazing. Each artist has his own unique talent, and we all strived for the same vision – to support you in becoming visible, feeling positive, and attracting what is your natural right: compliments.

There were many times during the shoot the team hugged each other after a successful photograph. It was the first time I had the opportunity to see my entire Collection on a model made up for a special occasion, at the beach or a casual engagement. It made me cry. My vision for sophisticated color combinations, line and artistic detailing came alive.

It has been a long journey to get this far. I believe now with a model giving life to my Collection, you will be able to see how color, line and layering can create a visually pleasing effect. This season, I am sending you out more fashionable, stylish and sophisticated. Thanks for becoming part of my dream!

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