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Eye of the Beholder! On and Off the Camera

Recently, I produced 3 fashion episodes for the www.generousfashions.com and www.youtube.com. Its purpose was to introduce Generous Fashions and myself. I also wanted to give a “How to….” tips about clothing and discuss some of the best choices for certain body shapes. Most importantly, I wanted to show a real model that is a size 20. Viola! Monika.

We filmed the entire episodes at Monika’s home in Bali, Indonesia. This had to be the most difficult project I ever encountered. I was so nervous. However, when Monika and I started chatting about fit, fabric and fashion; the eye of the camera no longer became apparent and it was just the two of us.

This is where my eye is positioned when I design clothes - it’s on you. Inside of me, I can visualize color and shape. I have always been this way. My mother use to tell me to stop critiquing every little thing but I never listened. My eye is like the lens of the camera I can focus on a garment and bring it to life with color, light and imagination.

Most of the time we are off camera. But then there are those occasions when ALL eyes are on you. When the camera and attention focuses on you its my job to create a fashion that will enhance all your bests! Inside my video, Monika and I show you how that can be done. To view “Overture to Generous Fashions”, click here.

To say “thank you” in advance for going to our video, I am enclosing a 15% coupon that is good from now till October 7th. The discount redemption code name is “IMunique” enter that during checkout and you will receive 15% off all your selections plus our continuous free shipping on $125 or more.

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