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Our Artisans

Generous Fashions

Here are some of the many wonderful artisans and their story. As we find new artisans we will add them to this list.


casual plus size clothingNancy Ponto

Nancy Ponto is a jazz singer who performs throughout Java and Bali.  She has been a model for Fashion Fulfillment since 2010.  Most of her performances feature Nancy in our fashions.  In 2012, Stephen created her New Year's Eve ensemble for the Four Season's Hotel in Sayan, Bali, Ubud. 






Jan Van SchaikJan Van Schaik

Dutch jeweler Jan Van Schaik discovered the combined beauty of genuine rubber and silver while living in Bali, Indonesia. The silver Jan uses are of the finest quality, which then he works into elaborate designs, embellishing them with semi-precious stones such as garnets, pearls, moonstones and peridots. The innovative use of rubber and their ingenious clasps create stunning and exceptional pieces.



Jacqueline Paredi

Jacqueline has been a long time friend of Generous Fashions. She is the director of Women\'s Intimates at August Silk. She has mentored Stephen through fit, grading, color and pattern making. Jacqueline continues to review all new patterns and creates the design sketches for GF. Jacqueline is a perfectionist and top of her field in pattern making.

Gary Dwornick

Gary is a computer guru. He has created many products for GF. His most recent was cleaning and reformatting the design sketches created by Jackie Pareti. Gary is quite creative and technical. He is a master at a sewing machine and often is up till the early hours of the night sewing a quilt or window curtains.

I Dewa Gede WiranataI Dewa Gede Wiranata

Wiranata is not only an artist, but a dynamic leader, who in few short years created a successful industry that involves almost a whole village. Using the wealth of natural materials available in the countryside, they create a stunning collection of journals and photo albums that are 100% organic and eco-friendly.



K. Subagia

“Woodcarving is a tradition in my family. I learned it while I was very young. It was part of the preparations for the Hindu ceremonies, as well as maintaining the temple carvings and statues. When I got married I opened my own small shop. My wife works in the shop and I do the carving. I\'m happy to be able to use my talents.”


Ibu Ayu

Ibu Ayu lives in a rural village renowned for weaving palm leaves into an amazing array of items such as storage baskets, market baskets, rice baskets and other household items. Her family of 3 daughters is involved in her successful enterprise. taking inspiration from the fashionable tourists visiting Bali. Ibu Ayu daughters introduced a more modern product line,. The result is a stunning combination of traditional skills and contemporary design. Most of the product produced for Generous Fashions are hand bags made of natural fibers and roots.