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Monday, February 15, 2010  

Elastic? Stretching me and my Plus

Friday, February 5, 2010  

At the end of things: Why?

I went to my friends house for dinner the other night. I had to use her bathroom and I noticed everything that was in a container was at its end. Like shampoo bottles turned upside down to get the last squeeze out or toothpaste at the end of its cap or a box of crackers down to its last 4 (yes, she had a box of wheat thins on her sink!). I wanted to say, "Shelia! What's up with things at its end?" And then i thought about it. Ok her ends are toiletries and mine is clothing. I have no idea why I keep those under garments that should be burned by the fire department or plus size shirts that had so many washings that the black is now blue! Am I lazy or cheap? Both at the moment, hahahaha. Getting my head into buying women's clothing has to be a scheduled sometimes. But it so nice when i pitch old stuff that has come to an ending for new stuff with a bright beginning! Guess I am being silly today. But that was went through my head as I finished up washing my hands.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010  

Ahead of the Curve: Plus Health

A good fit for your plus size bra is very important to keep from developing poor posture and to prevent back pain. Every plus size woman knows that their breast sizes can fluctuate during certain times of their life, especially during pregnancy but also during menstruation. Ignoring the need for additional support can result in neck, back or shoulder pain. Eventually a woman's posture can be affected in a negative way due to wearing a bar that is too tight. Always remember to look for plus size bras that are on discount, whether online or at a local store, and purchase a few in different colors to match your exquisite fashion! Don't automatically think that the bra size that you first wore as a young woman will be the same during weight changes, menstruation, pregnancy and other periods of a woman's life. A proper fit will result in a generous, comfortable, and confident you!

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Monday, January 18, 2010  

Wome's Plus Size Clothing: About the Neck

I like necklines that are rounded. My girlfriend Linda likes blouses that have collars. I don't like plus size clothing that is around my neck. In fact my neck (front and back) is quite nice. Linda doesn't like the back of her neck and she wants to hide it. She is always wearing beautiful clothing. Linda tends to buy solids (black). I tried to get her to move into some other solid colors. She tried a somber violet and it was beautiful on her. I love solids too. Black of course hides some unwanted curves but daily is too much.

I am just starting to add brown and blues to my wardrobe. I recently bought a "v" neckline shirt (pull over). I have been getting lots of compliments. I guess it doesn't matter collar or no collar - its all about fashion and what feels good. So next time you go shopping move outside your comfort zone.

Lisa Metcalf

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010  

Plus Size Clothing: What? Teal is in?

I just love it! Pantone has selected TEAL as the color for women's plus size clothing (well of course all sizes too, lol). I really like the color. It is refreshing and reminds me of clear Carribbean ocean water. Can I wear it everyday? Every week? Every month? Yes and No. I think when working with this color don't use a lot of it in your clothing. Find other coordinating plus size clothing that will accent it. Maybe a touch of teal around a women's blouse collar or maybe a touch at the cuff. But women do not need to go full target on the total color. However if you are wearing it as a beach cover then no problem. That is a great clothing selection. Be conscious about your clothes. You are not always looking at yourself but others are. Find things that compliment your skin tone and then where it to death!!!

Lisa Metcalf for Living Life Large

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