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What’s Your Everyday Go-To Plus Size Clothing?

December 12th, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Have you ever had to wear a uniform, day in, day out? Perhaps you’ve had a job where you had to wear the same outfit each day. How did it make you feel?

Considering that most clothing for plus size women is poorly designed, it probably wasn’t all that great of an experience. And some uniforms – when overly strict – can hamper your ability to be creative and stylish.

So let’s take a different approach to the uniform. Instead, let’s talk about your personal uniform. Your favorite go-to style of casual plus size clothing. That blouse or button-up top that you could wear everyday and always feel great in.

Button Front & Collar

Each personal uniform is different. You may feel best in a colorful tank top and pants. A friend of yours may love her tie die tunic top with leggings. It’s about finding an outfit that fits you perfectly.

What are some of the advantages of finding and using your favorite go-to plus size clothing?


When you wear an item that you love and that looks great, it’s a huge confidence boost. You may second guess your style choices with a new outfit. It takes time to feel confident and stylish in a new look. But when you wear something tried and true, you always know you look your very best.


The pieces that make it into your go-to plus size clothing collection are certainly comfortable. In fact, these are the pieces that combine comfort, fit, and style perfectly. No excessive fabric, no restricting sleeves.


Your favorite casual plus size clothing is easy for you to mix and match. When you buy something new, it can take you a while to figure out how to work it into your wardrobe. But your style staples – like a plus size tunic top or a plus size button up – are easy for you to combine with other looks. That versatility lets you create several enviable ensembles with just one central piece.

What’s Your Personal Uniform?

What style defines you or serves as your personal uniform? Is it a particular style? Or a specific color?

Regardless, embrace it. Enjoy the confidence, comfort, and versatility that come with having your own personal style. Mix and match your old favorites with new pieces you pick up. With time, you’ll build an amazing plus size clothing wardrobe full of casual, stylish, and elegant combinations.

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Plus Size Clothing Colors to Express Your Personality

December 1st, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Note: This article was originally posted as a Guest Post at Sixty & Me.

Fashion is about self-expression. You choose outfits that appeal to you. You desire that your clothes say something significant to the world around you.

At Generous Fashion, we know that as a curvy woman, the clothes that you choose say a lot about your personality.

It is true that perceptions of colors and their meaning are somewhat subjective. Cultural factors must be considered as well. But here are some of the traits and qualities commonly associated with colors.

Learn about the magic of color and what it says about your personality, and you can always present your best image to the world with casual plus size clothing.

Black for Sophistication

fashion for women over 60

Sophisticated, stylish, and classic. Every woman should have her little black dress. It’s authoritative and strong while staying elegant. Beware however, of getting caught in the trap of an all black wardrobe. Some plus size women fixate on dark colors for their slimming effect.

It’s true that black gives you a naturally slimmer silhouette and can be quite flattering. But don’t limit yourself. Use black to express one aspect of your personality, not to hide all the color you want to share.

Gray for Balance

Neutral, subtle, and balanced. Adding a touch of gray to your outfit makes you stand out for all the right reasons. It falls between two stark, dramatic colors – black and white. So, gray’s great for complementing striking pieces with a neutral tone.

Don’t add too much gray to your wardrobe. A totally gray outfit can make you look washed out, leaving you with a sad, dull vibe. Use gray sparingly to appear confident and sophisticated.

Blue for Positivity

fashion for women over 60

Peaceful, tranquil, and positive. Blue can make you look independent and clever too. Soothing tones of blue give off an easy, relaxed vibe, much like the open sky. During spring and summer, bright blue hues can brighten up your wardrobe. They give it fresh life after a long winter.

In the cooler months, use deep, earth-toned blues to accent your look. Deep, cobalt blue feels independent and dramatic. It isn’t defiant, but you can’t help but take notice.

For a softer effect, use light blue, aqua, and turquoise in your casual plus size clothing wardrobe. They offer the tranquil feel of blue without the stronger traits.

Purple to Command Respect

Rich, royal, and artistic. The richness of purple doesn’t just express wealth. It also reveals a deep personality, a fulfilling inner life, or a strong creative spirit.

Intense purple harkens to the kings of centuries past. It grants you a regal air that demands respect and attention.

Red to Go Bold

Intensity, dominance, and passion. If you love to wear red, you are probably an extroverted, outgoing person.

A red dress makes you the center of attention – and can be quite a sexy look. Want to go bold? Go scarlet red.

Pink for Youthful Energy

Energetic, jovial, fun. Lighter reds and pinks express a slightly toned down version of the red intensity. Pink is full of youthful energy, but charged with fun instead of the sensual passion of red.

Yellow Adds Inspiration

Cheery, intelligent, and bright. Yellow is an inspiring color that can help you keep a positive focus. Spend the day with a friend who wears yellow and things are sure to feel a bit brighter.

Orange Goes Social

Creative, social, and ambitious. Wearing orange makes you the life of the party.

Orange draws in others for conversation and other social interactions. This entertaining, outgoing color is great for extroverted women. You’ll always make an inviting and unique social statement with a bold orange outfit of casual plus size clothing.

Green for Life

fashion for women over 60

Natural, healing, and calm. Green is the color that surrounds you in nature. For Americans, it’s also the symbol of success and money.

Wear green to appear charismatic and charming. People will be drawn to your natural, down to earth style. Darker tones reflect the forest or precious gems. Lighter greens are refreshing and full of life – like tropical water or fresh flowers.

Brown as a Complement

Reliable, authentic, and well-grounded. Brown is the color of the earth beneath your feet. It exudes stability and confidence.

A beautiful color for fall fashion, brown is easy to accent with other earth tones. Beige, tan, and cream give off a similar vibe and are easy to pair with complementary colors.

White Says Confidence

Clean, fresh, and new. Wearing white takes confidence. It tells the world, “I’m taking a fresh look at things. I’m ready for anything.”

Others will view you as positive and courageous when you wear white. Don’t think of it as dull or plain. White is simple yet powerful.

What Color Best Suits You?

Of course, you shouldn’t define yourself by one color. But you probably have that one blouse or dress you love to wear. It just feels right. Because it’s the color of casual plus size clothing that suits you best.

Take note of the colors the people around you choose to wear. Learn about them by the clothing they select. You’ll enjoy each interaction that much more.

What colors do you love to wear? Why? What is a new color you are excited to try? Please join the conversation and share your passion for color!

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Plus Size Clothing for Holiday Shopping Marathons

November 16th, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Are you ready for the holidays? Ready or not, here they come! It’s an exciting time of year. But it can be challenging too. There’s lots of shopping to do. And sometimes, those shopping trips can turn into marathon events.

Driving from store to store. Hunting down bargains. You need plus size clothing that can keep up with you on the busiest of shopping days.

Smart fashion is about the marriage of form and function. Of course you want to look your best. And you will. But it’s no good looking fantastic in a cute plus size top if it’s so restricting and uncomfortable that you can hardly move.

Historically, the fashion industry has done a crummy job of accommodating plus size women. They’ve relegated them to undesirable, uncomfortable, shapeless outfits.

That’s not what we’re going for here. And it’s never what you’ll see recommended on this blog.

Instead, try out these stylish, comfortable, and long-day-of-shopping ready outfits. You’ll look your best while you’re snagging deals on gifts for everyone on your list.

Plus Size Tunics

Some of my favorite designs are plus size tunics. They’re comfortable and relaxed with a longer, flattering length. But they’re also versatile and easy to combine with other basics.

That’s what you should be shooting for in all your casual plus size clothing.

For your shopping day, a long sleeve tunic is perfect. It goes great with your favorite pair of jeans, slacks, or leggings. Here are a few colorful options:

Plus Size Cardigans

Stay a bit warmer but keep things fashionable in a plus size cardigan. Long sleeves will keep you a bit warmer as you travel from store to store.

Don’t worry about a cardigan pulling or pinching. These are designed with roomy upper arms for style and comfort.

Enjoy Every Part of the Season

Sure, your favorite part of the holiday season probably isn’t the shopping itself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it!

Whether you’re out with friends and family on a shopping event or just hitting the stores solo, make sure your plus size clothing outfits are stylish, smart, and ready for anything.

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Finding Sleeves to Flatter Every Figure

October 31st, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Note: This article was originally posted as a Guest Post at Sixty & Me.

Finding the perfect plus size top isn’t easy. You have to deal with the shoddy selection in local stores. Or compare styles and prices across dozens of online retailers. Either way, it takes some time and patience.

Part of the problem is that we are not all created equal. Every woman has her own unique, curvy shape to be proud of. So you need to find the top that fits your figure and accentuates your personal style.

Are you choosing sleeves that flatter your look? Not sure?

Consider how these different sleeve types can make – or break – your outfit.

Long Sleeves


Easy and classic. Long sleeves extend all the way down to your wrist. They’re great for cooler weather in the fall and winter. You can also use them to create a slimming effect and disguise larger arms.

Long sleeves can be formal and elegant. They easy to dress up with chic accessories. A simple long sleeve plus size top can also work well as a base layer during the cooler months.

Short Sleeves


Another basic, classic style. Short sleeves usually reach to about half way between the shoulder and elbow.

There are many variations on this style. For example, a short puffed sleeve is short in length but gathered at the top and bottom.

Short sleeve plus size tops make for a casual look. They are perfect for warmer weather, offering simple style and a comfortable fit.

Butterfly Sleeves


This unique short sleeve style comes from the typical dress of the Philippines. The sleeves are usually about 4 – 5 inches long. They start at the shoulder and get wider towards the bottom. This gives them an open, airy look that is both flattering and comfortable.

Bell Sleeves


This popular style is gathered at the shoulder but open at the cuff. That means the sleeves just barely skim the upper arm. This enhances your look without being clingy.

The open cuff doesn’t add too much volume to your outfit either. So you get a cool, open sleeve that’s also flattering and gorgeous. Keep in mind that this cooler look is also on the casual side of the fashion spectrum.

3/4 Length Sleeves


Another popular choice is the 3/4 length sleeve. It’s great for plus size tops because it offers good arm coverage with a shorter, cooler length.

Plus Size Tops with 3/4 Sleeves

3/4 Sleeves are comfortable and versatile.

The 3/4 length is perfect for fall and spring when you want something a bit warmer. They offer more coverage than short sleeves without adding too much bulk.

Not quite as heavy or formal, 3/4 sleeve tops are extremely versatile. They should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Kimono Sleeves


This unique sleeve style is reminiscent of the Japanese kimono. It’s wide and loose. As to length, it can fall anywhere from your elbow to your wrist – or even longer in some cases.

Kimono sleeve separates are great for using over base layers. They are usually designed with open fronts. That offers you a long, vertical line that is slimming and flattering.

Plus Size Tops with Kimono Sleeves

Kimono sleeves are open, stylish, and comfortable.

Just be sure that the wide sleeves don’t swallow your look. Keep your outfit balanced. Choose accessories that play off your kimono sleeves to accentuate the unique, flowing look.

How to Choose the Best Style for You


Fashion is all about expressing your own personal style. Mature women are not chasing the latest trends. They’re embracing their beauty and celebrating it with classic, flattering style choices.

This should be true for plus size women as well. But do you find that you tend toward long sleeves? Is it because you don’t want to show off your arms?

You shouldn’t be pressured to dress in a way that makes you uncomfortable. If long sleeves are your preference, fantastic. But don’t let yourself be forced to not wear styles you love.

Embrace your beauty and your own sense of style and fashion. Don’t be afraid to try out new sleeve styles and lengths.

Long sleeves are great, just don’t limit your wardrobe to exclusively long sleeve tops. Instead, experiment with your wardrobe. Incorporate fun, fresh styles that create a statement. You’ll enjoy the results.

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How to Pack: A Guide for Plus Size Women

October 6th, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Do you love to travel? Leaving behind the daily grind for a vacation – even just a long weekend – is such a joy. You feel free, you mix up your routine, and you come home relaxed, ready to face new challenges.

But before you can head out the door, you have to pack. And that may be the greatest challenge of all. Especially for plus size women.

Use these tips to pack smarter. They’ll make prepping for a vacation less stressful. That way you can get the most out of every moment of travel.

Travel plus size clothing

Get Luggage You Love

Good travel gear is essential. Invest in quality luggage that you can truly love. It’s worth every penny. Here are some things to look for:

  • Easy to carry and wheel around. Whether you’re walking through the airport or loading up your car’s trunk, your baggage needs to be easy to manage.
  • Carry-on size appropriate. You don’t want to be the person struggling to get their bag into an airplane overhead compartment.
  • Not too big for overpacking. Huge suitcases are no good for travel. They’re too heavy to move comfortably. If you’re traveling by plane, your weight limit is 50 pounds or less.
  • Distinctive for baggage claim. Trying to find your luggage at the airport baggage claim can be a battle. Choose bags with distinctive details that make identifying your belongings easy.
  • Durable and Damage Resistant. Spend a little more for a bag that won’t fall apart after its first trip.

Make a Checklist

Packing can be a nightmare. Calm your anxieties and stay organized by making a packing checklist. This only takes 5 minutes, but it will save you hours of stress. Personalize your list to fit your needs and travel destination. And don’t forget these essentials:

Underthings. Don’t skimp here. Bring plenty. Better safe than sorry.

Toiletries. Buy travel sizes or make your own travel toiletries using small bottles. If you’re flying, be sure everything in your carry-on is TSA approved. If you’re not sure, play it safe and put liquids and gels in your checked bag. Tight on space and know your destination well? Bring a few essentials and buy other things you need when you arrive.

Medications. Double check this part of the list. Make sure you’ve filled any prescriptions ahead of time so you’re not rushing out to the pharmacy the night before your trip. Confirm that you have enough in your carry-on bag to make it through the first 24 hours if your checked bag is lost.

Tops. What’s the weather like in your destination? What activities are you planning for? Pack plus size tops that will be climate-appropriate and comfortable. Choose tops that are easy to mix and match. That way you can create multiple outfits using the minimum amount of clothing.

Bottoms. Again, pack your plus size clothing according to your travel plans. Keep things simple and easy to accessorize. A casual plus size skirt is comfortable for a relaxing day but can also be dressed up with the right top and accessories.

Accessories. Even if you packed minimal plus size tops and bottoms, you can still create plenty of different outfits with the right accessories. This is especially important if you will be in both casual and formal settings.

Shoes. Shoes are space and weight hogs. If you can make it through your trip with just one or two pairs, better. One casual and one formal pair – if they’re classically designed and easy to pair with any outfit – should be fine.

Classic Pieces, Multiple Outfits

Travel plus size clothing should be classic, comfortable, and easy to mix and match. Save your more unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for events closer to home. You’ll save space, travel comfortably, and look great in your plus size clothing.

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– Stephen, Your Designer

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4 Ways to Dress Up Summer Casual Plus Size Clothing

September 15th, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Note: This article was originally posted as a Guest Post at Sixty & Me.

Summer is full of fun outdoor events. Picnics and lunches. Brunches and garden parties. Casual gatherings that make summer such an exciting, enjoyable season.

Many women run into one problem. It can be hard to decide what to wear to these casual events. You’re certainly not going to a brunch with friends in full on formal wear. But many women don’t want to look like they just threw something on either.

This gets even harder for plus size women. Your options are limited, especially in local stores. You don’t want to add layers and become uncomfortable. But these special events call for something a touch above casual.

Feel Like Dressing for Outdoor Summer Gatherings Is Often Challenging?

Good news! It doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be easy to dress up casual plus size clothing.

Start with a basic top like a solid button-up blouse, tunic, or tank top. Then match it with easy, comfortable bottoms. These can be lightweight jeans or a summer skirt. Then use these three ideas to turn your outfit into something amazing. It doesn’t take much to make your outfit stand out while still staying casual.

Wear Unique Statement Accessories

plus size clothing statement accessories

You can use accessories to add color and interest to a simple outfit. For summer, bright colored tops are best. A few well-chosen accessories can take a plain ensemble to a whole new level. This simple look is much improved with a few smart statement pieces.

One idea is to wear a long necklace. Your eye is instantly drawn to the long necklace. Its classic colors keep things casual. The length helps create a vertical line that is flattering and slimming.

Alternatively, why not try bold bracelets. If you think big jewelry won’t work for plus size women, think again! Large, colorful bracelets create a sense of surprise, and add length to your arms. Don’t worry about matching your accessories perfectly. Just choose similar colors that work together.

Add a Lightweight Infinity Scarf

infinity scarf with casual plus size clothing

Infinity scarves are simple, stylish, and super versatile. Choose one in lightweight silk for the summer season. A solid, neutral scarf adds texture to your look and balances bolder accessories. A colorful scarf – like this rainbow scarf in floral pattern – creates a standout look that complements a basic casual outfit perfectly.

Not sure how to wear your infinity scarf? No worries. Thanks to their amazing versatility you have plenty of options:

  • Long, single loop. This is comfortable, relaxed, and creates a slimming line (like a long necklace)
  • Double loop. Less length, more texture
  • Single loop knot. Keep the simplicity but shorten the length by knotting the end of your scarf
  • A simple tie knot – like a four-in-hand – creates a vertical line and a stylish look
  • Add a touch of regality by draping the scarf from the shoulder, tying it at the opposite waist

Show Off Your Sandals

sandals with casual plus size clothing

Keep things cool and casual with a stylish pair of sandals. Go bold with bright colors that match or complement your outfit. Remember, sandals are not the same as flip-flops. Sandals step up your style game and add a lovely touch to a casual outfit. Flip-flops take a casual outfit and drag it into around-the-house wear.

Summer fashion sandals come in lots of styles. Keep it simple with basic, slip on sandals. Or add interest such as an ankle strap, closed back thong, or closed toe sandals. They each lend their own appeal. Each style gives a fresh look to an otherwise simple ensemble. Mix and match sandal colors and styles to create unique outfits with bold details.

A Fresh Approach to Casual

Not sure you’re ready for bolder accessories? No problem! Start with a basic, casual outfit in neutral colors. Then add one statement accessory with a splash of color – perhaps an infinity scarf or necklace. Next add a neutral accessory like a chunky bracelet. Finish the look with complementary colored sandals.

Take a fresh approach to casual plus size clothing. Don’t think of these outfits as plain or dull. Dress them up with simple accessories to create looks you’ll love to wear.

Show off your new outfits during casual summer events. You’ll take your plus size fashion to a whole new level – while still staying cool and comfortable.

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– Stephen, Your Designer

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Stay Cool in Plus Size Clothing with Summer Fabrics

September 1st, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

How’s your summer going? Now is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and make fun travel plans. It will be a shame to see the summer go.

But, in the meantime, enjoy the remaining days of summer as much as possible. And for that, you need to stay cool in plus size clothing. So choose outfits in lightweight summer fabrics.

There Is No Perfect Fabric


Keep in mind that all materials have their pros and cons. No one fabric is perfect for all plus size clothing you’ll wearing during the summer.

Variety in your wardrobe is essential. Go with several of these cooler fabrics to create a beautiful, comfortable summer collection.



Linen is great for hot weather and sunny days. It’s light, breathable, and cool. The major drawback is that it wrinkles very quickly, so that can be a hassle.



Cotton absorbs moisture efficiently and dries almost as fast as linen. One of its major advantages is the ease of care. Most cotton garments can be washed in a regular cycle in your washing machine with no concern.

Stay Cool in Plus Size Clothing with Summer Fabrics



Jersey is made from cotton, though some jersey contains wool and synthetics also. This is the fabric most T-shirts are made of, though not all jersey is the same thickness and texture as a traditional T-shirt.

It has just the right amount of stretch to make it comfortable. When it comes to dresses and casual plus size tops, jersey is great because it drapes exceptionally well. In fact, it’s one of my favorite fabrics to work with.

Stay Cool in Plus Size Clothing with Summer Fabrics



Rayon – though not as durable as cotton – is another cool fabric. It stays comfortable during the summer, even in humid conditions. Be sure to follow the washing directions since most rayon should be treated with care.

Stay Cool


Revel in your summer style by adding plus size clothing in cool fabrics to your wardrobe. Be sure to check the tags to care for each garment appropriately. You’ll be able to create dozens of gorgeous outfits.

I know how challenging it can be to find casual plus size clothing that is also cool and comfortable. That’s why I carefully choose my fabrics myself. All my handmade designs are crafted with your comfort as the ultimate goal. So you can savor the rest of the summer in style – down to the very last sunny day.

-Stephen, Your Designer

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6 Summer Plus Size Clothing Styles for Women

August 15th, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Note: This article was originally posted as a Guest Post at Sixty & Me.

Summer might just be the perfect season. The sun is shining, people are smiling and flowers are blooming. Everything seems to pull you outdoors. Enjoy the beauty of these precious months!

Summer is also a great time to update your wardrobe and try new and stylish casual plus size clothing. Are you uncertain about showing a little skin this summer? Perhaps you are afraid that all the bright, light styles of summer are only for thinner women?

No way! Women over 60 should not give up on summer plus size fashion! Try these six smart, chic, and sexy summer styles that are perfect for plus size women.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors

Summer is the time to embrace bright, jewel colors and align them with your personal style. Don’t let the common belief that “black is slimming” hold you back. Express yourself with pink, turquoise, sky blue, lilac, and other fresh, summer colors.

Do you want to add more color to your outfits but not sure where to start? Small splashes of color here and there will help you gain confidence. Try wearing bright chunky accessories or an aquamarine top with white skinny jeans. Soon you will find the colors that resonate with you personally. You will soon be sporting colorful ensembles that stand out and make you feel vibrant and alive!

Tank Tops


Tank Tops

Tank tops are perfect for summer – light, cool, and comfortable. They can be dressed up or down, matched with jeans, leggings, skirts, and slacks. Add a few colorful tank tops to your summer wardrobe, and you’ll look and feel fabulous!

Afraid to show your arms? You don’t have to hide them! Women, especially plus size women, have been judged and stigmatized for too long about showing their arms. Embrace your beauty and refuse to be invisible. Don’t be afraid to show off your arms this summer. What about an open shoulder top like this one? You still get the summer style with a bit more upper arm coverage.

Plunging Neckline

Don’t be afraid to show a little skin. Stay cool on those hot, humid summer days and create a slimming vertical line with a plunging neckline. A deep V-neck top is especially flattering for an apple shape body with its wide shoulders and torso, thinner arms and hips. If you want to keep things a bit more conservative? Get the same effect with an open tunic top over a white tank top.

Big Prints

Floral and nature prints are inspired by summer. They fit the season perfectly – whether it’s a tunic top with a big floral stamp or a dress with an understated nature pattern. Again, branch out with bright, seasonal colors. While a more formal event might call for a toned-down print, go big and bold with your style at outdoor festivals, beach getaways, and summer barbecues.

Lightweight Fabrics

Casual plus size clothing style comes from the smart combination of form and function. To look (and feel) your best this summer, choose lightweight fabrics that breathe easily and won’t stick to your body.

Cotton and linen are best – they stay comfortable even in the dog days of summer. They’re also very easy to care for; most can be laundered without any special steps.

Keep in mind, though, that some cotton and linen blends do contain other fabrics. Always check the tags before laundering to keep your garments in top shape.

Summer Layers

Summer layers are simpler and lighter than what you might wear during other seasons. After all, you need to stay comfortable if you’re outside in warmer temperatures.

For a transitional outfit – from a casual lunch to a dressy dinner event – summer layers give you the perfect look. Add a lightweight jacket to a basic tank top and skirt for a comfortable outfit with a dressy layered look. Cool night? Add an open tunic top over your colored tank for more coverage without getting hot.

Enjoy the Summer Season

Stay stunning all summer long with these 6 plus size clothing styles. They’re easy to implement and extremely versatile. By mixing and matching your current wardrobe with a few seasonal additions, you’ll be able to create a unique and beautiful summer look to express your personal style.

Do you like to wear bright colors during the summer season? What is your go-to outfit when the weather gets a little warm. Do you wear sleeveless tops or a plunging neckline?


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Cool Plus Size Clothing for Warm Weather

August 1st, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Temperatures are rising. It’s well past time to ditch the layers for outfits that are lighter and cooler.

The challenge is staying cool and comfortable during the summer. Let’s face it – being out on a hot, muggy day can get miserable.

plus size clothing for summer

At the same time, summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. You’ll be at backyard barbecues, enjoying outdoor weddings, on the boat at the lake, and lounging at the beach.

How can you find comfortable, cool plus size clothing for all these occasions that still keeps you looking stylish?

Fabric Matters

Lightweight garments in breathable fabrics make all the difference on a hot day. Choose cotton and linen for their breathability and comfort.

Concerned that linen will be too wrinkled and difficult to care for? First, remember that linen was never meant to be perfectly crisp and wrinkle free. Embrace the crinkled texture and you’ll gain the cool benefits.

Not down with wrinkles? Choose a linen blend fabric instead. Plus size clothing made from a cotton/linen blend fabric will still keep you cool cool while also being less wrinkle prone. 

Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose

Fit is critical during summer. Go too tight, and you’ll end up with restrictive clothing that clings to all the wrong places. And it only gets worse when you start sweating on a hot summer day.

Don’t take things to the other extreme. Loose fitting clothing makes you look shapeless and is not flattering.

The secret? Balance.

How to achieve it? Know your size.

plus size clothing for summer

This is easier said than done. But it is possible! You may have to try a few different brands and a variety of sizes. Embrace online shopping and look for designers that work exclusively with plus size clothing for women. They spend the most time on getting their sizing right and are much more likely to accurately advertise and size their garments.

Seem like too much work just to find a nice summer outfit? The effort is worth it – well fitting plus size clothing in lightweight summer fabrics will look amazing and keep you at maximum comfort even during a long summer day.

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5 Fashion Trends in Plus Size Clothing for Women Over 60

July 15th, 2016 by Stephen, Your Designer

Note: This article was originally posted as a Guest Post at Sixty & Me.

Stylish, mature women see trends come and go. You follow the ones you love and you patiently wait out the ones you don’t.

There’s a special challenge for plus size women looking for stylish clothes. Fashion trends rarely flatter a curvy figure. Even if there’s a style you love, it can be hard, or even impossible, to find it in your size. This makes feeling comfortable and looking stylish even more difficult.

Fortunately, some things have changed for the better. Online shopping has made finding beautiful, well-designed plus size clothing easier than ever. Shopping from home, you don’t have to deal with judgmental looks and body shaming from salespeople with an attitude about “plus size”.

Let’s forget the misery of shopping for plus size clothing in local stores. Instead, celebrate the fact that there are more online options for you than ever before! One great way to look your best and maintain a healthy, positive body image is to add fresh looks to your wardrobe.

Here are 5 flattering plus size trends to try.

Kimono Cardigans

Cardigans are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. They are simple, comfortable, and versatile. You can find them in endless styles, from handmade batik prints to basic colors. One specific type of cardigan ideal for plus size women is the kimono cardigan. It will step up your style and make you stand out while still flattering your fuller figure. What should you look for in choosing the right one?


5 flattering trends - 1


Whether you try on your kimono cardigan in store or order online, make sure the fabric is light and the sleeves are not cut too slim. Wide kimono sleeves are comfortable and bring visual interest without exposing your upper arm.


The biggest fear with plus size cardigans is getting stuck with a sheet-like muumuu. Shapeless garments are flattering on no one. Make sure you choose a stylish cardigan that accentuates your body’s best parts.

Vertical Lines

An open cardigan creates a vertical line that draws attention up to your face and elongates your figure.

Bold Prints

Do you think that plus size clothing just means solid black and navy? No way! Bold prints in expressive colors are flattering for all women, not just the slim and trim. Embrace your personal look with plus size clothing in bold prints that get attention and show off your mature style.

Plus size clothes are now available in prints of all kinds. They can be large, small, bold, and colorful, so feel free to explore your options. Floral prints are beautiful for spring and summer. Bold print jackets in darker colors add a unique touch to a dressy solid color ensemble. Don’t be afraid to try something new like batik, art prints, large geometric patterns, or even tie dye!

Tie Dye

The 60’s won’t come back, but tie dye is here to stay. When I design clothing for plus size women, I love using tie dye. It’s a beautiful throwback to the style and culture of one of the most important decades in history.

Did you know that women around the world have been wearing tie dye garments for thousands of years? Ancient evidence of tie dyed fabrics have appeared in Africa, India, China, and Indonesia.


5 Flattering Trends

Keep in mind, tie dye doesn’t necessarily mean loud, bright colors. My favorite part of designing with tie dye is seeing the one-of-a-kind colors and patterns that this method creates. If you want a more subdued look that still features the unique qualities of tie dye, try a white top with light tie dye touches, perhaps in just one color. The basic color keeps a light, clean look with a splash of fun style.

Tunic Tops

Tunics, which are truly ancient garments, are long flowing tops that flatter women of all shapes. If you want to balance your bottom half, choose an open sleeve tunic with a wide neck opening. If you are wider up top, choose a plus size tunic top with a deep V-neck and small patterns.


5 Flattering Trends

Tunic tops have resurged in popularity in the past few years. Why? These versatile, comfortable tops are easy to dress up or down, making them an ideal addition to every woman’s wardrobe.

Big Accessories

Big, bright, beautiful accessories are nothing to be afraid of. They complement plus size women perfectly. If you think these pieces will make you look bigger, have no worries! Chunky accessories do exactly the opposite, creating focal points that draw the eye away from problem areas.

Trends come and go, but fashion is forever. Choosing plus size clothes that help you to create a personal style will keep you looking and feeling your very best.

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