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How to Look Good At Work

It’s pretty obvious that looking good certainly puts you at a competitive advantage when it comes to finding a great job, getting that promotion, or making that next sale. Our society values a professional appearance as an incredibly important feature of any workplace—be it a corporate office or a restaurant down the street. Many people get drug down when shopping for work, thinking that middle age plus size clothing means baggy, bland pieces that are unflattering and frumpy. However, it’s important to shop for success, so that you may be successful.

Find pieces that fit.

Just because you’re not a teenager doesn’t mean you have to dress like a grandma. Find pieces that are flattering to your body type, rather than trying to hide as much as possible. If you can find one pair of slacks that allow you to be comfortable, as well as complement your figure, then buy a few in different colors! Having a base that works well is great, and you can build a fresh look from there. Again, it’s not about hiding under baggy clothes—that oftentimes makes your figure look bigger. Dress to your body.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate color.

Fresh colors make us think vitality and youthfulness. By all means, don’t run to the first magenta top you see! But be sure to free your professional wardrobe from the dull limitations of the grayscale. Particularly when using brown and neutral-warms in your slacks or skirts, be sure to incorporate warm colors—peachy pinks, and delicate greens. Just don’t get stuck on pastels either! These make us think older. Get bold once in a while.

Dressing smartly in the workplace isn’t just about getting ahead of the rest, but also instilling a sense of youthful vitality in ourselves for increased energy and production. So look for middle age plus size clothes that are certainly comfortable, but give you confidence in your appearance and who you are. Go get ‘em!


Stephen, Your Designer

“There is an amazing feeling of artistic accomplishment when all the parts come together into one harmonious aesthetic. It's a connection with who you are and the elements you choose to express yourself visually. This is what making clothing is all about for me. It's like when a songwriter hears his first written notes from a voice or a baker who has practiced a recipe and nails it or a figure skater who exceeds her own expectations. I express my sense of art in clothing. I see things in color, shape and texture. I react to the touch of silk on my skin and my eyes are aware of how color combinations make me feel. My goal is to bring all of these intuitive notions to garments that are sized for larger women. If I can accomplish this then I have reached my goal.” – Stephen


  1. Miss Plus Size
    June 14, 2013 at 1:32 am

    I thought this was a great article, and I’d like to thank you for the tips.

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