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Plus Size Clothing for Everyone

It would be a terribly boring world if we all had to wear the same outfits as everyone else, day in and out.  There are so many amazing colors, patterns, and designs to choose from.  I love being able to express myself with my outfits.  For a long time, it wasn’t always possible for plus size women to get beautiful clothing in whatever style they wanted.  But that has changed a lot in recent years.

When I was a younger woman, I wished to be able to fit into the trendy outfits my girlfriends wore.  But designers were not giving attention to the plus size market back then.  Now, girls can find all of the latest fashion trends and styles in their size.  Even young professional women can get office plus size clothing to give them the edge in the workplace.

And, now that my girlfriends and I are a bit older, we aren’t chasing down the latest trends anymore.  Instead, we’re shopping for mature plus size clothing for women.  My favorite styles are casual and comfortable, with a well designed fit that fits my body without hiding my feminine shape.  Shopping online has made it possible for ladies around the world to find middle age plus size clothing for women.


Stephen, Your Designer

“There is an amazing feeling of artistic accomplishment when all the parts come together into one harmonious aesthetic. It's a connection with who you are and the elements you choose to express yourself visually. This is what making clothing is all about for me. It's like when a songwriter hears his first written notes from a voice or a baker who has practiced a recipe and nails it or a figure skater who exceeds her own expectations. I express my sense of art in clothing. I see things in color, shape and texture. I react to the touch of silk on my skin and my eyes are aware of how color combinations make me feel. My goal is to bring all of these intuitive notions to garments that are sized for larger women. If I can accomplish this then I have reached my goal.” – Stephen

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