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Color: Is Black your Thing or will you Change in 2014

Color is such a personal touch. Don’t you think? I am not sure where we get our sense of color but we all have definite tastes. When I lived in New York City (just a short time while I was studying at NYU) everyone wore black. I never really thought about black being a color. At first I just played it cool and wore black too. I wore black t-shirts, black pants, black socks, black jerseys, black skirts, black earrings, black v-necks — endless black. I called it midnight black, black on the horizon, dark moon or chic night look. Interestingly, I got into finding black clothing that had some style to them. I found black mixed with lace and plunging necklines or skirts with hankie hems. It was all fun but then the rainbow set-in and I finished my 2 semester course. I shipped myself back to the Mid-West to finish University.  It was there I returned to my color palette. As I always say Home is Where the Art is.

When I was young I wore a lot of red. Mostly very preppy tops, shirts and blouses. I was plus size women of 17 but I felt like the queen of France in my silk lace red blouse. Funny, now I would never be caught in a full red long sleeve collar button down. It is way to eye catching. Maybe if I was the mother-of-the-bride I might be dressed in full red. But heavens not anymore. Now I like just touches of red – maybe at the tip of a shoe, at the collar, series of buttons or a sash. I still love red and to see it on fashion photo shoots on TV or magazines.

The other colors are really tend to go for are blues and purples. I really like a deep navy. It can be really sexy with black accents. And then there is purple. I am not so keen on pastel purple or dark church but more of a violet purple. I can add navy, black or mulberry to it. Purple is one of those really soothing colors and it adds color to your clothing collection.

I love to hear from my readers. What are you favorite colors?


Stephen, Your Designer

“There is an amazing feeling of artistic accomplishment when all the parts come together into one harmonious aesthetic. It's a connection with who you are and the elements you choose to express yourself visually. This is what making clothing is all about for me. It's like when a songwriter hears his first written notes from a voice or a baker who has practiced a recipe and nails it or a figure skater who exceeds her own expectations. I express my sense of art in clothing. I see things in color, shape and texture. I react to the touch of silk on my skin and my eyes are aware of how color combinations make me feel. My goal is to bring all of these intuitive notions to garments that are sized for larger women. If I can accomplish this then I have reached my goal.” – Stephen

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