Plus Size Clothing at the Beach

One of the best parts of summer are all the opportunities you have to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. The beach is a favorite summer spot; you can play in the waves, soak up the sun, or just sip a cool drink from your chair in the sand. Regardless of what makes a beach trip perfect for you, you certainly want to look and feel your best while you are enjoying the season. Use these tips for packing gorgeous plus size clothing that will contribute to a beach getaway you will never forget.



Tip #1 – Light and Comfortable


If you are going to spend the day in the sun, it is only logical that you will need an outfit that is light and comfortable. But sometimes women are so worried about choosing  lightweight fabric that they do not take fit and feel into consideration. While shopping for a plus size beach cover up or a plus size dress you can strut on the sand, think about the fabric and the fit.


Ask yourself:

  • Does the fabric offer good cover from the sun?
  • Will this get clingy or uncomfortable if it gets wet?
  • Will I really be comfortable wearing this all day at the beach?


Tip #2 – From the Beach to the Street


A beach outfit often needs to seamlessly shift into a nice casual ensemble for spending a night out after a nice time near the water.


Casual plus size dresses are perfect for beach days that turn into fun nights. Choose a comfortable dress that will not seem dressy at the beach but can be easily enhanced with some simple accessories that you can slip into your beach tote.


Tip #3 – Be Yourself


Above all else, fashion is about displaying the internal beauty and confidence you already have. Do you love the beach? Show it off with bright and fun colors that inspire you. Looking forward to a tranquil day in the sun and sand? Create a casual plus size clothing outfit in simple neutrals that keep you calm.


You are sure to have a fantastic experience each time you hit this beach this summer if you keep these 3 tips in mind.


Stephen, Your Designer

“There is an amazing feeling of artistic accomplishment when all the parts come together into one harmonious aesthetic. It's a connection with who you are and the elements you choose to express yourself visually. This is what making clothing is all about for me. It's like when a songwriter hears his first written notes from a voice or a baker who has practiced a recipe and nails it or a figure skater who exceeds her own expectations. I express my sense of art in clothing. I see things in color, shape and texture. I react to the touch of silk on my skin and my eyes are aware of how color combinations make me feel. My goal is to bring all of these intuitive notions to garments that are sized for larger women. If I can accomplish this then I have reached my goal.” – Stephen

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