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Rainbow Caftan

  • Model: 7715RYRBW


Material: 100% rayon Note: Because this is handmade the placement and spacing of the tie motif can vary a bit. But that is why we love handmade.

Care: Color water wash. No bleach. Give it a good shake and line dry. Some buyers found placing rayon in a warm dryer with a damp cloth for 10 minutes reduces wrinkles.

The calculations for the Kaftan is measured when flat. Give yourself at least (preferable more) 1" to 1-1/2" of ease on each side of the bust for comfort. My Caftan dress is meant to be big, roomy, loose and comfy. Slit measurement length was designed to walk up steps.

  • MY SIZING : One Size fits Most (suggested fit 1x-3x)
  • * Bust: up to 68" (1x-3x)
  • * Waist: up to 68"
  • * Hips: up to 68"
  • * Side Slit: 18"
  • * V-Neck depth: 9" (more flattering)
  • * Length: 53"
  • * No pocket
  • * Slip over Style



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Size chest waist hip length
OS 68" 68" 68" 53"
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