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Tie Dye Caftan

  • Model: 7715RYNAV


Material: 100% rayon Note: Because this is handmade the placement and spacing of the tie motif can vary a bit. But that is why we love handmade.

Care: Color water wash. No bleach. Give it a good shake and line dry. Some buyers found placing rayon in a warm dryer with a damp cloth for 10 minutes reduces wrinkles.

Note: The final dye effect is a second blue sponging applied randomly to create texture over the white ties. Thus, There are areas on the material that are a deeper blue then others. It's like a working canvas.

The calculations for the Kaftan is measured when flat. Give yourself at least (preferable more) 1" to 1-1/2" of ease on each side of the bust for comfort. My Caftan dress is meant to be big, roomy, loose and comfy. Slit measurement length was designed to walk up steps.

MY SIZING : One Size fits Most (suggested fit 1x-3x)

  • * Bust: up to 68" (1x-3x)
  • * Waist: up to 68"
  • * Hips: up to 68"
  • * Side Slit: 18"
  • * V-Neck depth: 9" (more flattering)
  • * Length: 53"
  • * No pocket
  • * Slip over Style

Please Choose:


Size chest waist hip length
OS 68" 68" 68" 53"
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